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Great service like always....rented the party room-very spacious, i recommend it highly but most importantly my daughter had a great birthday experience with her family and friends.

Jaime Canales Jaime Canales

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Great place for middle school kids parties. Good pizza and burgers for the kids and adults. Great active and helpful hostess. We all loved it and had fun.

Esteban Flores Esteban Flores

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I had not gone in a while so it was fun to go and bowl and have fun. It is a good place to go and hang out with friends. The food is good too.

 Maggie Lozano Maggie Lozano

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Love Jett Bowl North they always knock it out off the park when it comes to having fun with friends and family. You can always count on them. Can't wait to go back next week.

Ed Devally Ed Devally

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I just love Jett Bowl and all the staff. Gota beat the heat and stay indoors. It's bowling, mushrooms, pizza, nachos, a pitcher here, and a pitcher there. The party is everywhere. Love this place!!!

Martha Yvette Solis Martha Yvette Solis

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Awesome staff and service very helpful courteous had an great time with the family will be back for more bowling !!!

Martin Ruiz Martin Ruiz

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